“Had the privilege of hearing this before it was released. Bloody hell it it made me jump!” - Carol-Anne UK

“Have to admit I didn’t know what to expect with this. Once you have fully bought in to the idea that you ARE Kenzie it really works. I haven't slept in a week. Jeez!" - Molly P. USA

“Pretty good” - Martin L. UK

"So f**king scary. Loved it" - Dan UK

“Sent a preview of this and have to say it works very well. The jump scares do exactly what they should but never detract from the story which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Great main performance from Lucy-Jane Quinlan (Cage / Unhinged) - who plays the lead nicely. Make sure you heed the advice though and listen in the dark and wearing good headphones… trust me it’ll make you jump!” - Trey - Horror House. USA

“Good value. I enjoyed it but my wife was too scared. Haha.” - Kris and Amy. UK

“Such a simple idea. Good horror. 4/5 stars” - Alice. USA

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